Project #9 – COMPLETED! – Parcel of Land for Bible Baptist Church, Ozamis City

Bible Baptist Church of Ozamis City (Mindanao, Philippines) has been meeting for years in a small set of upstairs rented rooms (with no restroom facilities). Pastor Ricardo Agapay and his wife also live in these same rooms. A church member has donated a parcel of property for the church. They are now praying for funds to build a church building on this donated property. See important Updates below!

Estimated cost for a new church building is PHP 1,000,000 (about $19,409 USD). Pastor Agapay and his congregation have been faithful for over 30 years. Please be a blessing by helping them build a new church.

UPDATE: Pastor Agapay died unexpectedly on April 8, 2019 after suffering a stroke. His son-in-law has agreed to assume the leadership of the church. We have continued to accept donations for this project (which is now fully funded). We will be in contact with the new church leadership to discuss the new building and use of these funds. Please pray for Mrs. Agapay and Bible Baptist Church, Ozamis City.

UPDATE #2: Apparently the legal paperwork for transferring the donated property to the church was not completed before the death of the Pastor, and also the donor of the property passed away without signing over the title. So after communication between the new Pastor and the MFI Board, it was agreed that the funds MFI has raised should instead be used to purchase a 400 m² parcel of property. The funds were sent, the church provided the remainder of the amount needed, and this property (grassy area shown below) has now been purchased by the church.

400 m² parcel that has been purchased by Bible Baptist Church of Ozamis City