Project #8 – FUNDED! School Building and Water System for Harvesters Baptist Church

Harvesters Baptist Church in Binãn City, Laguna, Philippines (near Manila) was founded 29 years ago by Pastor Jing Batac Sr. They run an on-site orphanage with over 100 children, and a Christian school (Harvesters Baptist Academy) with 135 students. Their 4-story school building is halfway completed. They still need to finish the remaining half. They also hope to install an upgraded water purification system to feed directly to taps in each building, rather than hand-carrying jugs of drinking water as they do now.

Estimated costs (including currency transfer fees) are $2,022 USD for the water purification system, and $20,181 USD for the school building completion. Total need is $22,203 USD.

UPDATE: Donations to this project were allocated first to the water system. Once we met the $2022 level (in August 2019), those funds were sent to the church for the water system (see photo below). Please pray for this church and their projects, and donate for the school building completion as God leads your heart.

New Water Purification System at Harvesters Baptist Church

UPDATE2: Because of continued donations, in April 2020 we were able to send another $5955 to Harvesters Baptist Church, to help fund restrooms and other construction in the new school building.

UPDATE3: This project is now fully funded! Funds will be sent to the church to allow completion of the school building.