Project #7 – FUNDED! – MRI for Poor Child in Binãn, Laguna

Millions of poor people live in the metro Manila area. The poorest of the poor are the “squatters,” who live in ramshackle huts, generally made from scrap or salvaged materials, built on land they do not own.

One little girl, who lives in a squatter area beside the railroad tracks in Binãn, Laguna (a suburb of Manila), has a notable growth on the right side of her face. Surgery to remove this growth would be free at the local public hospital, but the hospital will not perform the surgery until an MRI is run (to check the internal structure of the growth and confirm that removing it will not harm the child). Unfortunately, the public hospital does not have an MRI machine. The MRI can be done at a private hospital, but there it’s not free, and is actually expensive (by Philippine standards) since the hospital requires general anesthesia to ensure the child does not move during the scan.

Harvesters Baptist Church (a local church in the area) will accept donations to help cover the cost of the MRI procedure (estimated at 20,000 PHP or about $392 USD), and will coordinate payment with hospital, and arrangements for the procedure with the family. You can be a blessing to “one of the least of these” by helping this poor little girl to get the surgery she needs.

Any amounts received, above what is needed for the MRI, will be used for school scholarships (to attend Harvesters Baptist Academy) for other children who live in the same squatters area.

UPDATE June 2019: We have received enough donations to not only cover the MRI, but also to sponsor 2 students at Harvesters Baptist Academy for an entire year! These funds are being forwarded to Harvesters Baptist Church.