Project #5 – COMPLETED! – Rented Land and Temporary Building for Bible Baptist Church Extension (Sagasa)

Bible Baptist Church of La Carlota has started an extension church in the Sagasa barangay of nearby Bago City. This church, pastored by Efren Ayala, was meeting in a borrowed restaurant on Sundays, and in member’s homes on Wednesdays. They wished to rent a small parcel of land (for 10 years) and build a temporary church building, so they would have a meeting place of their own.

Land rental costs about $78 USD per year. The temporary building cost about $2,425 USD. Total amount needed was $3,205 USD. Praise the Lord, we have now helped Pastor Ayala and his church acquire their own church building!

Here are some pictures of the new building:

New building for Bible Baptist Church
Pastor Ayala and his church members
Dedication Service with Pastor Edgar Nono preaching
Dedication Service