Project #12 – Finish Church Building (COMPLETED!) / New Parsonage (FUNDED!) for Bible Baptist Mission, Pontevedra

Pastor Rolly Amarante started Bible Baptist Mission in Pontevedra, Negros Occidental, Philippines, in 2009. They own a 300 m² property with an unfinished church building coupled to a small parsonage. They are praying to finish their church building (with a platform, ceiling, floor tiles, concrete walls, windows, and better doors). They are also hoping to build a larger parsonage for Pastor Amarante, his wife Emely, and their 3 children.

Cost to finish the church building was $2,844. We have raised this amount first (as project 12A). Now that the church building is completed, we are raising $3127 in additional funds (as project 12B) for the new parsonage (which will be built beside the church). Please help bless this ministry by donating for the new parsonage.

Here are some pictures of the completed church building:

Church restroom (Before renovations)
Church restroom (After renovations)