Project #10 – COMPLETED! – Property for Safe Haven Bible Baptist Church

Safe Haven Bible Baptist Church operates a school ministry for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Elementary students. They have only a small church building, and the school and church share the same space.

They wanted to purchase a 396 m² rice field (immediately behind their current property, which is only 108 m²), fill it in, and build a school building there, in order to accommodate more students.

This property was priced at PHP 1,000 (about $20 USD) per square meter. Total needed was $7,688 USD. We reached this funding target, but by the time the funds were raised, the property was no longer available. But praise the Lord, Pastor Colonia found a 1200 m² parcel for sale, just a few minutes away from their church, which could be purchased for almost the same amount. We forwarded the funds to Pastor Colonia, and he has now finalized the purchase of that property (8 adjoining lots in a new subdivision)!

New Property
Property Location
Purchasing the Property
Purchasing the Property

This Pastor has been faithful for 24 years, living in a small space at the back of the church with his family. Praise the Lord that they could acquire this new property to grow their ministry!