Privacy Policy

MFI Privacy Policy  —  Effective 4/21/2019

Information We Collect

When you visit our website (, (our content management system) collects your IP address, user ID (if logged in), username (if logged in), user agent, visiting URL, referring URL, timestamp of event, browser language, posts and pages viewed (regardless of your browser’s Do Not Track setting), referring URLs and search engine terms, country, and country code.  However, any piece of data explicitly identifying you (your IP address, ID, username, etc.) is not visible to us, and is used only to provide us with overall website statistics. For example, we can see that a specific page has 285 views, but we cannot see which specific users viewed that page.

If you sign up to receive email updates from MFI, we collect your name and email address.

If you make a donation to MFI (either through the website, or by mailing a check or other means), we collect your name, email address, and state of residence.  We may also collect your mailing / billing address.  If you designate a donation as a tribute (in honor of, or in memory of) another person, we also collect that person’s name, and may collect the names and email or mailing addresses of persons you wish to notify of this tribute.

We do not save, nor have any access to, your credit card or bank account information. That information is collected by our payment gateway providers (,, and and is used to process your donation.  You can view the Privacy Policy for these providers at,, and

We may also collect your name and mailing address from publicly available contact lists (such as published lists of Baptist churches), or from private mailing lists that are provided to us by other like-minded organizations.

How We Use Your Information

As noted above, personally identifiable information regarding your use of our website is not visible to us and is used only to generate aggregate website traffic statistics.

If you’ve signed up to receive email updates from MFI, we use your name and email address to send you email notifications of new projects that are added to our website, general emails concerning MFI, and other emails we believe may interest you (such as highlighting a particular existing project or urgent need).

If you make a donation to MFI, we use your name and email address and/or mailing address to track your donations and to provide you with donation receipt(s).  We may also use this information to provide you with updates on the status of the project(s) you donated towards.  We use your state of residence solely to aggregate the total number and amount of donations we receive from each state, so that we can comply with various state laws regarding registration for charitable solicitation (which is sometimes triggered based on these totals).  We use any tribute name and address information solely to transmit notification of the tribute, if our website indicates that “we” will send the tribute notification. We do not add tribute name or address information to any of our mailing lists.

We use names and mailing addresses from public or private address lists to send general mailings concerning MFI, our mission, and/or specific projects.

How We Share Your Information

We do not share your information with anyone outside of MFI without your express written permission, with two exceptions:

1)  As may be required by law, or

2)  If we obtain your name and mailing address from a third party (public website or private mailing list), and we subsequently become aware of a correction to that information in publicly-available information (e.g. your name was spelled incorrectly, your street address was incorrect, you provided a new forwarding address, etc.), we may (in addition to correcting our own records) provide the corrected information to the original third-party source.

How You May Limit Sharing

If you’ve signed up to receive email updates from MFI, you may unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link in each email, or by emailing us at

You may request that we remove your name, email, mailing address, and any other personal information from any of our records and/or mailing lists by contacting us at