About Us

Ministry Fellowship International (MFI) is an independent, fundamental Baptist missions ministry, that began with a vision to help independent Baptist churches in the Philippines raise funds for capital projects, such as purchasing property, constructing or completing a building, purchasing a vehicle, etc.  National pastors generally cannot afford to travel to the United States to raise support for their church projects.  Mission-minded Christians in the U.S. support and pray for their missionaries who are serving in foreign countries, but they usually have no way to connect with national pastors in those countries.

MFI provides a link between Christians in America and national pastors and churches on the foreign field.  Christians can learn about foreign churches and projects they would otherwise never know about.  Foreign churches and pastors can gain support (both financial, and in prayer) from Christians they would otherwise never be able to contact.  It is our prayer that Ministry Fellowship International will be a blessing both to the foreign churches and to Christians in the U.S.

We send 100% of net donations to their designated foreign church projects.  The only deductions are the payment gateway fees (for online credit card and bank ACH donations, if the donor does not choose to cover those fees), and currency exchange / transfer fees incurred when we transmit funds to the foreign churches (typically less than 1%).  Our Board members receive no compensation, and they actually pay 100% of MFI’s operational expenses, including travel costs to research the various projects.